In today’s rapidly evolving IT industry, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

CountryNet prides itself on developing innovative solutions for education.

We are presently developing a whole range of new software – so check back here regularly to see what’s new!

Educonnex is the future of school management systems. Educonnex is a fully automated online resource which provides a comprehensive database that will support your efforts in analysing a vast range of information pertaining to all elements of your school’s operation.

Student Pathways Online (SPO) is designed for schools that are eager to develop their student knowledge and understanding of employment and education options, whilst developing their skills to effectively manage their career pathways. SPO provides an excellent basis for individual career counselling, better supports students’ career planning and increases motivation and student engagement.

Parent Teacher Online (PTO) allows parents and carers to log in online from the comfort of their home or office and making bookings for teacher interviews. PTO saves teachers time and stress. It eliminates the need for students and teachers to be involved in organising interview bookings. PTO is designed to complement your existing structure and take the workload out of coordinating interviews, savings hours of staff time.

Subject Selection Online (SSO) provides schools with an easy and secure way to provide perpetual access to the complex process of subject selections for students, parents, teachers, department heads and school management. It removes the associated costs of printing and provides real-time management reporting – and the core data can be readily exported and manipulated by school management.